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About ChrestonPhil LTD.

Established in 2014, an astute and accomplished business executive with vast knowledge in emerging enterprises especially in land and environmental initiatives.

CHRESTON PHIL LTD have the ability to transform imagination to reality. We partner with our clients to customize projects that meet budget and required demands. We listen to your needs to reach a solution that is feasible, cost-effective and of the highest quality. We use the latest technologies and processes, for optimal efficiency and innovation. You can expect the relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our business

Some of our services are:

Site acquisition for telecommunication
Mast construction
Managing and maintaining buildings
Energy Management
Electric repairs
Fire Prevention/Detection systems
Supply of Security Equipment
Security Equipment maintenance
Equipment maintenance
Security Parols
Cleaning Services
Pest Control
Waste Management
Landscape Management
Internet Provision.

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